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Galway RCC11 hours ago
If you, or someone you know, have experienced sexual violence we are here to support you. Call our free confidential helpline on 1800 355 355, or email We are here and we believe you.
Galway RCC
Galway RCC1 day ago
We're officially taking applications for the next round of our CPD module "Consent, Sexual Violence and Harassment: Practitioner Skills & Practice".

This CPD module supports individuals involved in implementing programmes and initiatives related to consent, sexual violence and harassment, through coverage of areas such as:

- Critical understanding of consent and SVH.
- Designing, implementing, supporting and evaluating consent and SVH programmes.
- Skills for training, workshop facilitation, collaboration and group work.
- Policy, guidelines, and frameworks.
- Principles of organisational culture change.
- Communication/interpersonal skills.
- Interpersonal skills to support receiving a disclosure.

Apply at the link below - deadline for applications is February 10th!
Galway RCC
Galway RCC1 day ago
The Sexual Assault Treatment Unit (SATU) is always a safe place to go if you, or someone you know, have been raped or sexually assaulted.
The SATU is a free 24 hour service open 365 days a year and is available to anyone over 14 years of age. Your healthcare is priority; you will be offered a full health check whether or not you decide to have a forensic examination. Most importantly, you can self-refer to the unit.
The Priority for the Galway Rape Crisis Centre is to provide you with support and information, we can have someone there to support you through your time in the SATU.

Call the Galway SATU on 091 765 751 or (091 757631 after 4pm) to be seen or to make an appointment.

The Galway Rape Crisis Centre is always here to support, call us on 1800 355 355, 10am to 1pm Mon to Fri.

Find your nearest SATU here
Galway RCC
Galway RCC3 days ago
Galway Rape Crisis Centre delivers a specialist training in working with sexual violence to qualified and pre-accredited counsellors and psychotherapists. This training aims to deepen the knowledge, understanding, and skills for working in this complex area. It is designed to build on participants' existing knowledge and skills and equip them to work with sexual violence and abuse in a client –centred and integrative way.

For more information check out our website

or email

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Galway RCC
Galway RCC3 days ago
Have you ever wondered how you would respond if someone told you they have been sexually abused? Has anyone ever talked to you about an experience with sexual abuse or rape?

Statistically, everyone knows at least one person who has experienced sexual violence. It’s hard to know what the “right” thing to do or say is when someone discloses sexual violence. Knowing how to respond matters; studies have found that a positive response to a disclosure can significantly impact the survivor's health and happiness.

Galway Rape Crisis Centre facilitates training in responding appropriately and compassionately to disclosures of sexual violence. This training is appropriate for all members of society and is especially relevant for professionals, those working in community organisations, school and college staff and third-level students.

For more information check out our website

or email

#InternationalDayofEducation #education #training #upskilling #skillsbuilding #counselling #therapy #supportsurvivors #supportingsurvivors #survivorsupport #disclosuretraining
Galway RCC
Galway RCC3 days ago
Today is #InternationalDayofEducation. With that in mind, throughout the day we will be posting about the different education and training programmes we provide.

Galway Rape Crisis Centre facilitates training and education programmes for various groups, organisations, and workplaces. We work towards ending cultural and societal tolerance of sexual violence through advocacy, awareness raising and education programmes.

The training and education programmes we deliver aim to further our mission of reducing the incidences of sexual violence by creating awareness around the issues related to sexual violence. Our aim is to create a culture in which sexual violence is not tolerated, and those who experience sexual violence are met with compassion and understanding.

More information on our website:

#InternationalDayofEducation #education #training #upskilling #skillsbuilding #counselling #therapy #supportsurvivors #supportingsurvivors #survivorsupport
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Leading by Example

Iognáid Ó Muircheartaigh (Iggy) has been involved with Galway Rape Crisis Centre in a voluntary capacity for a number of years and is the current Chairperson on GRCC’s Board of Management.

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Come Dine With Me for GRCC

Come Dine With Me for GRCC in association with Collerans Butchers Galway Friday 8th July to Saturday 3rd September 2022.  Galway Rape Crisis Centre (GRCC) with the support of Collerans Butchers are asking you to host a BBQ, Garden Party, Picnic, Family Fun Lunch, or Al Fresco Fine Dining Experience, Breakfast, Brunch, whatever takes your […]

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Collective Whisper Get to Know GRCC

On this episode of the Collective Whisper podcast Simon speaks to Michelle Caulfield and Susan Costello from Galway Rape Crisis Centre.

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Galway Rape Crisis Centre’s ambition to move to new permanent home boosted by €120,000 donation from Aviva Ireland

Galway Rape Crisis Centre’s ambitions to move to new permanent home boosted by €120,000 donation from Aviva Ireland Galway Rape Crisis Centre is delighted that its dreams of moving to a permanent home in Galway city centre has come closer to becoming a reality following receipt of a financial donation of €120,000 from Aviva Ireland.  […]

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Volunteer Spotlight Alexandra Van Tuyll

Volunteer Spotlight Alexandra Van Tuyll Alexandra Van Tuyll, Fundraiser and Supporter of GRCC – written by Sarah O’Malley On a bright spring afternoon, in early April, I had the privilege of meeting the wonderful Alexandra Van Tuyll. We met in in Mulranny village and enjoyed each other’s company whilst overlooking the unusually tame Atlantic coastline. […]

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GRCC Coldvembers Charity of Choice

Coldvember 2021 Fundraiser – Why Choose GRCC During the early hours of November 1st, 2021, the Salthill Blackrock Tower was awoken to the enthusiastic buzz of community spirit as a group of students from NUI Galway braved the cold winter conditions and plunged into the wild Atlantic Ocean, kickstarting the annual Coldvember charity event. This […]

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Camino Your Journey Banner. information page

GRCC’s virtual Camino of the body & mind Fundraiser

We are delighted to introduce you to our virtual Camino of the Body & Mind, a virtual Camino that is designed to nurture both body and mind while raising funds for Galway Rape Crisis Centre. Totalling 124km, the virtual Camino of the body & mind is modelled on part of the Portuguese Coastal Camino.To accompany […]

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rsz 1airglooney clothes bank

Green is the new Black!!

Introducing GRCC’s Recycling Clothes Banks The start of 2021 saw the introduction of the first of GRCC’s Recycling Clothes Banks. The new Recycling Clothes Banks not only provide a service to the community, but are also a way people can help raise funds for essential services provided by GRCC. In an ever increasing age of […]

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Why taking part in GRCC’s virtual Camino of the body & mind matters

People choose to support GRCC for many different reasons, this is one persons reason for doing so


Why Choose to Support GRCC

GRCC relies on fundraising in order to continue our work, but it’s not just about the money.

Fundraising can also help promote a charity’s message and goals, it encourages others to get involved and spread the word

Hear is Sharon’s story on why she decided to support GRCC’s virtual Camino of the body & mind

By completing our virtual Camino Sharon has helped raise much needed funds allowing us to continue providing essential services to those who need us’.

If you would like to support us, consider signing up now for ‘GRCC’s virtual Camino of the body & mind’ and be the supportive means that can help survivors rebuild their lives. Our volunteers & champions of GRCC keep our services going for those who really need it.

Please consider supporting us.
Sign up here ->

All events & campaigns big or small make a huge difference to the services we can provide.