Education & Training


Galway Rape Crisis Centre facilitates training and education programmes for a variety of different groups, organisations, and workplaces. We work towards ending cultural and societal tolerance of sexual violence through advocacy, awareness raising and education programmes.

The training and education programmes we deliver we aim to further our mission of reducing the incidences of sexual violence by creating awareness around the issues related to sexual violence. Our aim is to create a culture in which sexual violence is not tolerated and those who experience sexual violence are met with compassion and understanding.

Below are some of the education and training programmes offered by the Galway Rape Crisis Centre. We also offer bespoke and tailored trainings developed specifically to meet the needs of your group organisation. For more information contact [email protected] or call 091 564 800.

Our Approach

Our approach to training and education is trauma informed with the survivor always the focus. Due to the nature of the topics covered participation is based on informed consent and individuals comfort levels.

Our training approach is participative and experiential and our methodologies include roleplay exercises, group discussion, scenarios.

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