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Coldvember 2021 Fundraiser – Why Choose GRCC

During the early hours of November 1st, 2021, the Salthill Blackrock Tower was awoken to the enthusiastic buzz of community spirit as a group of students from NUI Galway braved the cold winter conditions and plunged into the wild Atlantic Ocean, kickstarting the annual Coldvember charity event. This year, five students seized the opportunity and organized the sea swimming event. Each day, rain, hail, or snow, during the month of November, John Flannery, Dan O’Connell, John Twomey, Charlie Clarke and Eoin Hernon faced the harsh winter conditions and took to the sea every morning without fail. However, these five young men were never alone in doing so as individuals from all over the community of Galway whipped out their swimming suits, warm fluffy towels and flasks of hot beverages and joined the Coldvember crew in their adventurous event.

The charity chosen for the 2021 Coldvember was The Galway Rape Crisis Centre. A goal of raising Twenty Thousand euro in funds for The GRCC was set at the beginning of the event. The fundraiser proved to be extremely successful not only considering the number of participants but also the overwhelming amount of donations that were received. By the end of the month, Coldvember had reached their fundraising target. Five committed students, with the help of a very generous, supportive community, raised Twenty-One Thousand and Four Hundred Euro for The Galway Rape Crisis Centre.

Why choose GRCC


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