Partnering with a charity that represents a cause important to its employees will increase staff engagement at all levels

Companies seen actively seeking to help solve social problems improve reputation and consumer loyalty

Partnering with a local charity will deliver real impact and make a difference in your community while strengthening relationships.

corporate partnership

The diverse services and support that Galway Rape Crisis Centre has offers to those affected by sexual trauma make it an ideal charity that align with many corporates and businesses.

The additional funding an organisation can help generate for Galway Rape Crisis Centre can make such a positive impact to our cause.

The support and visibility corporate partnerships can provide help to allow for GRCC to grow and develop more easily

Partnerships allow us help a wider group of people by connecting us with teams and individuals who could benefit from the important work of GRCC

Aviva car insurance logo

Galway Rape Crisis Centre are delighted to partner with Aviva. We look forward to working together across the year. Visit, rated 4.5/5 stars by our car insurance and home insurance customers.

Employee engagement and an opportunity for learning

We value the amazing benefits that can come from having corporate support, not just from a funding perspective but also from the opportunity to share shills and resources. Having staff engagement is particularly meaningful because of the services we provide. Engagement of staff allows for the transfer of knowledge on both sides and the opportunity for Galway Rape Crisis Centre to reach a wider audience and those who may need our support.

Partnerships of the present will help us become more sustainable in the future.

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