Vision, Mission and Values


GRCC’s vision is to lessen the impact and incidence of sexual
 violence and abuse and to achieve a society which no longer
 tolerates these crimes.


GRCC is dedicated to providing a professional, caring and
confidential counselling and support service for those in our
community affected by sexual abuse and sexual violence.

We also work towards ending cultural and societal tolerance of sexual
violence through advocacy, awareness raising and education programmes.



Supporting survivors of sexual abuse and their friends and families.





We respect that everyone has their own path to healing and needs support on that journey.





Instilling a sense of strength and belief in those we help.



Person Centred

Founded in 1984 Galway Rape Crisis Centre has worked tirelessly towards lessening the impact and incidence of sexual violence and abuse throughout our communities working with survivors or sexual abuse and trauma. During this time GRCC has developed and grown into the largest rape crisis centre outside of Dublin.

GRCC works towards ending cultural and societal tolerance of sexual violence through advocacy, awareness raising and education programmes. We are involved in a number of committees related to ending sexual violence in Higher Educations Institutes such as the NUIG Consent Framework Implementation Committee and Awareness Training Subcommittee and the National Advisory Committee (on ending sexual violence on college campuses) and the Cultural Change Subcommittee.

Through our helpline we offer support to regular clients, supporters of survivors, people who require information on the services we provide or those who wish to talk about issues relating to sexual violence or sexual abuse.

A core part of our work in GRCC is providing short and long-term counselling to adults and adolescents who have experiences rape, sexual assault, child sexual abuse and other forms of sexual violence. We offer a professional and confidential counselling service in a caring and safe environment.

The centre offers accompaniment services and advocacy services to help ensure survivors have access to supports and services they need.

Young people under 24 and over the age of 14, who contact us are seen by one of our adolescent counsellors. This counsellor will support them through their time in GRCC. For clients under 18 the counsellor may involve parents or supporters in the work. Child safety is a prime concern for us and is outlined in our ‘Child Safeguarding Protection and Welfare Policy and Procedures 2020

If you have been affected by any of the issues raised here, please contact the Galway
Rape Crisis Centre Helpline on 1800 355 355 or Email: [email protected]